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1) The book and movie series of Harry Potter has ---- extremely popular, in part because the story involves witchcraft.







2) No one ---- the powerful influence that Plato --- on much subsequent philosophical work.

A)disputed / will have had

B)can dispute / has had

C)had disputed / had

D)may have disputed / had had

E)will have disputed / would have had


3) On the news of the famous film star's death,everybody was extremely sad and recalled his ----but troubled life.






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4) UNICEF is deeply committed to creating a world in which all children, regardless of their gender or socioeconomic background, have ---- to free, compulsory and quality education.








5) In this test, the candidate is shown as many as 20 different pictures of persons and scenes, and is asked to ---- a story about each.

A)put out

B)make up

C)put up

D)take to

E)look into


6) In non-literate societies, valuable information about the past is often enshrined in oral tradition – poems, hymns or sayings ---- from generation to generation by word of mouth.

A)taken off

B)handed down

C)thrown up

D)kept off

E)rooted out


7) ---- you buy something, you buy it because of the satisfaction you expect to receive from having it and using it.


B)If only





8) Contrary to popular belief, psychodynamic studies ---- that older adults ---- less psychologically resistant than younger persons to unpleasant thoughts.

A)had revealed / will be

B)revealed / have been

C)have revealed / are

D)reveal / should have been

E)will reveal / had been


9) If natural selection ---- running, we ---- a lot more like apes now.

A)would not have favoured / had looked

B)has not favoured / will look

C)did not favour / looked

D)had not favoured / would look

E)does not favour / have looked


10) A deeply hypnotized subject ---- to initiate activity and would rather wait for the hypnotist ---- something to do.

A)does not like / to suggest

B)had not liked / suggesting

C)did not like / should suggest

D)may not like / has suggested

E)will not like / to be suggesting


11) For more than a decade, economists have maintained ---- the dollar was too expensive and its devaluation was unavoidable.







12) After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening of formerly closed borders, traders ---- Georgia and Armenia, crossed over the borders ---- Turkey to make a living.

A)at / with

B)of / about

C)from / to

D)between / back

E)on / towards


13) Andrew Mango, who wrote a detailed biography ---- Atatürk in 1999, has always had a close interest ---- the history of modern Turkey.

A)about / for

B)of / in

C)on / at

D)over / over

E)towards / above


14) If Atatürk ---- his country to victory in the War ofIndependence (1919-1923), Turkey ---- only as an inland state in central Anatolia.

A)would not have led / had survived

B)did not lead / survived

C)had not led / would have survived

D)has not led / would survive

E)would not lead / will have survived


15) It ---- a mistake to think that all bacteria are harmful, as we ---- for long without some species.

A)is / had not survived

B)would be / could not survive

C)will be / have not survived

D)has been / may not have survived

E)had been / did not survive


16) The physics of elementary particles in the 20th century ---- by the observation of particles whose existence ---- by theorists decades earlier.

A)has been distinguished / was predicted

B)distinguished / is being predicted

C)was distinguished / had been predicted

D)is distinguished / has been predicted

E)had been distinguished / was being predicted



The European Parliament is comprised of 626 members. It (1) ---- significantly stronger since its inception. (2) ----, the Parliament was simply an advisory body, but its responsibilities were widened (3) ---- the Single European Act and Treaty of the European Union of 1993. Three major responsibilities of the Parliament are legislative power, control over the budget and supervision of executive (4) ----. The European Commission (5) ---- community legislation to the Parliament. The Parliament must approve the legislation before submitting it to the Council for adoption.


17) Boşluk 1


B)had become

C)has become

D)would become




18) Boşluk 2







19) Boşluk 3







20) Boşluk 4







21) Boşluk 5








Cities, large and small, are at the heart of a fast changing global economy – they are a cause of, and a response to world economic growth. Many urban areas are growing (1) ---- their rural hinterlands are depressed, which forces impoverished rural people to move to the cities in search of work. These newcomers often end up not (2) ---- the opportunities they are looking for, so they become part of the urban poor. (3) ---- arrival to the city, they often encounter lack of housing and infrastructure services. To (4) ----the lack of available homes, newcomers often set up shelters on the city outskirts, usually on public-owned land. They often live without electricity, running water, a sewerage system, roads and other urban services. (5) ---- dealing with poor sanitation and pollution from dirty cooking fuels and primitive stoves, they are exposed to modern environmental hazards, such as urban air pollution, exhaust fumes and industrial pollution.


22) Boşluk 1


B)in case

C)so that




23) Boşluk 2

A)to find


C)to have found

D)being found

E)to be found


24) Boşluk 3







25) Boşluk 4

A)cut down on

B)go in for

C)turn back on

D)fall behind with

E)make up for


26) Boşluk 5


B)Owing to

C)For the sake of

D)In addition to




27) Portugal, an independent state since the 12th century, was a kingdom ----.

A)although the country is crossed by three large rivers that flow into the Atlantic

B)until a revolution in 1910 drove out King Manoel II, and a republic was proclaimed

C)which occupies the western part of the Iberian Peninsula

D)so that the Roman Empire conquered the region in about 140 B.C.

E)since the Portuguese Empire in the 16th century extended to Africa and South America


28) Poor nations labour under the weight of diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis ----.

A)although these diseases are no longer a problem there

B)when there had been treatment available

C)since they cannot afford to pay the prices companies want for drugs

D)if they have modern healthcare programmes

E)that they are requesting economic aid from wealthy countries


29) Oxygen, sugars and amino acids are allowed into the brain ----.

A)as toxins could severely impair the brain's functioning

B)which provided early evidence of the blood-brain barrier

C)but most other substances are kept out

D)that controls which molecules in the bloodstream can enter the brain

E)just as no other organ is equally efficient


30) Meteorites are extraterrestial complex rocks with roughly equal amounts of metal and silicates ----.

A)because the moon has been studied extensively by spacecraft and has been sampled directly at a few locations

B)which have major implications for the collisional history of planetary bodies

C)whereby the various planetary and asteroidal bodies in the solar system contain a specific isotopic label

D)so that each meteorite is a small sample of a much larger parent body, probably an unidentified asteroid

E)while measurement of the oxygen isotopic composition of the Sun is the highest priority of NASA's Genesis mission


31) As most businesses in Southeast Asia have remained as family enterprises and not attained a global dimension, ----.

A)in the wake of the 1997 financial crisis, Southeast Asia had been overtaken by China and India

B)some are being left behind by foreign businesses

C)across Southeast Asia, the impact of the 1997 crisis was closely related with the degree of corruption in the banking system

D)today, South Korea and Taiwan are four times richer than Malaysia and ten times richer than Indonesia

E)compared with other regions of the world, Asia's income gap is slowly decreasing


32) While some of the tapestries at the exhibition are representations of local life, ----.

A)they were created by individuals without any formal art training

B)few observers appreciated the colour or the creativity of the abstract designs

C)others depict fruit, flowers, trees and the like

D)one wonders whether they have taken up to 18 months to complete

E)the exhibition itself will continue until the end of the year


33) ---- that runs between Paris and Lyon.

A)High-speed trains in France are famous for their superb meals

B)The French high-speed train, known as TGV, is an electric train

C)In France, most trains are extremely crowded

D)The French railway system is very complicated

E)The French government invests a lot of money to improve its nationwide railway system


34) Statements made in the media can plant distortions in the minds of millions, ----.

A)while the news often has an implicit bias that may portray opinions in misleading ways

B)although people attribute some misconceptions to a predetermined campaign of certain authorities

C)instead they are most likely the result of common types of reasoning errors

D)but learning to recognize commonly used fallacies will help you separate fact from fiction

E)and TV shows should be supplied with both educational and entertaining characteristics


35) Though the strategic value of submarines was demonstrated in World War I, ----.

A)William Bourne designed one of the first recorded plans for underwater navigation in 1580

B)the success of the German submarines prompted America to enter the war

C)it was only in World War II that they played a really key military role

D)the first nuclear-powered submarine was named USS Nautilus

E)conditions on submarines, even in peace time, were enough to crush most people


36) In order to make the first vessels to cross stretches of water, ----.

A)ancient civilizations depended heavily on these for their survival and expansion

B)the Greeks brought the art of rowing to a level of perfection that has never been surpassed

C)early attempts were often unique to the societies that originated them

D)people had already developed them for such purposes as fishing and transporting goods

E)early humans employed materials ranging from animal skins to small pieces of timber



37) Because of the burden of pensions for the growing elderly population, Japan's public finances were the worst among the developed countries in 2004.

A)2004'te Japonya'nın kamu maliyesi, giderek artan yaşlı nüfusun emekli maaşlarının yükü nedeniyle, gelişmiş ülkeler arasında en kötüsüydü.

B)Gelişmiş ülkelerden biri olan Japonya'nın kamu maliyesi, giderek artan yaşlı nüfusunun emekli maaşları nedeniyle 2004'te çok kötüydü.

C)Japonya'nın kamu maliyesi, yaşlı nüfusun 2004'te artan emekli maaşları nedeniyle, gelişmiş ülkeler arasında giderek en kötü duruma gelmiştir.

D)Gelişmiş bir ülke olmasın rağmen Japonya'nın kamu maliyesi, giderek artan yaşlı nüfusun emekli maaşlarının yükü nedeniyle 2004'te, kötüleşmiştir.

E)Giderek artan yaşlı nüfusun emekli maaşlarının 2004'te kamu maliyesine getirdiği yük nedeniyle, Japonya gelişmiş ülkeler arasında en kötü durumdadır.


38) The European Union has put pressure on theGreek government to make a new plan to raisetaxes and cut expenses.

A)Avrupa Birliği, Yunan hükûmetine, yeni bir planlamayapmak için baskı kurmasa, hükûmet nevergileri artırabilir ne de harcamaları kısabilir.

B)Avrupa Birliği'nin baskısıyla, Yunan hükûmeti,vergileri artırıp, harcamaları kısmak için yeni birplan yapıyor.

C)Avrupa Birliği'nin baskısıyla, Yunan hükûmetiyaptığı yeni plana göre, vergileri artırıp, harcamalarıkısıyor.

D)Avrupa Birliği'nin baskısı nedeniyle, Yunan hükûmetininvergileri artırıp harcamaları kısmakiçin, yeni bir plan yapması kaçınılmazdır.

E)Avrupa Birliği, Yunan hükûmetine, vergileri artırmakve harcamaları kısmak amacıyla, yeni birplan yapması için baskı yapmaktadır.


39) Most of the fears that we had when we were children are actually quite profound, but as we grow older and become more self-sufficient, the reality of fears diminishes.

A)Çocukken yaşadığımız korkuların çoğu, aslında oldukça derindir ancak büyüyüp kendimize daha fazla yeter hâle geldikçe korkuların gerçekliği azalır.

B)Çocukken aslında çok derin birçok korku yaşarız fakat büyüyüp daha çok kendimize yettikçe bu korkular gerçekliğini yitirir.

C)Çocukken yaşadığımız korkuların çoğu, aslında oldukça derin boyuttadır ancak büyüyüp kendimize daha fazla yeten bireyler hâline geldiğimizde bu korkular zamanla ortadan kalkar.

D)Çocukken yaşanılan korkuların çoğu, aslında oldukça derindir fakat kendimize yetecek kadar büyüdüğümüzde bu korkular gerçekliğini kaybeder.

E)Çocukken yaşadığımız korkuların çoğu, aslında oldukça derin olsa da büyüyüp kendimize daha fazla yettikçe bu korkular gerçek olmaktan uzaklaşır.



40) Bir filmi neyin "kült" yaptığına karar vermek, bir filmin "iyi" mi "kötü" mü olduğuna karar vermek kadar keyfi olabilir.

A)To describe a film as "cult" like labeling it "good" or "bad" is normally an arbitrary process.

B)The reason for calling a film "cult" is as arbitrary as calling it "good" or "bad".

C)A film that is arbitrarily described as "cult" is just as likely to be "good" as it is to be "bad".

D)The assessment of a film as "good

E)Deciding what makes a film "cult" can be as arbitrary as deciding whether a film is "good" or "bad"


41) Yeni banknot ve madeni paralarımız yenilenentasarımları, değişen boyutları ve gelişmiş güvenliközellikleriyle, 1 Ocak 2009'dan beri kullanımdadır.

A)Our banknotes and coins are new because theyhave had unusual designs, different dimensionsand improved security features since 1st January,2009.

B)Since 1st January, 2009, we have usedbanknotes and coins that have been designedwith new dimensions and security features.

C)Our new banknotes and coins, with theirrenewed designs, changed dimensions andimproved security features, have been in usesince 1st January, 2009.

D)With their new designs, different dimensions andperfect security features, new banknotes andcoins have come into use after 1st January,2009.

E)They renewed the designs, changed thedimensions and improved the security featuresof our banknotes and coins on 1st January 2009,so they are in use now.


42) Oyunlara ve özellikle çocuk oyunlarına ilişkin inançlarımız, teknoloji ve küreselleşme ile köklü değişimler geçirmiştir.

A)We seem to have radically changed our beliefs about plays, and children’s plays in particular, because of advances in technology and globalization.

B)We believe that plays, and children’s plays in particular, have encountered radical changes due to technology and globalization.

C)Our beliefs about plays, and children’s plays in particular, have undergone radical changes with technology and globalization.

D)Owing to the radical changes in plays, and children’s plays in particular, we have shifted our attitude towards technology and globalization.

E)As to technology and globalization, our beliefs about plays, and children’s plays in particular, have changed radically.



Developing markets, historically the domain of hyperinflation and political manipulation, now enjoy high surpluses, thanks to record commodity prices and severe fiscal discipline. Since 2001 these economies have achieved three times the average annual per-capita economic growth of their developed counterparts and now represent a quarter of global output. Stocks in emerging markets are causing much excitement among investors. However, too much excitement invites peril. Emerging markets have undeniably changed in the past decade, but lately they are looking overgrown, and even a minor crisis could send them tumbling. And while the potential triggers for a fall have changed, they are still there. As economies in the developing world get stronger, governments are getting more assertive and meddling with both companies and neighbouring countries, increasing political risk.


43) It is clear from the passage that, over the last few years, ----.

A)the economies of the developed countries have had so much growth that its effects on emerging markets have been harmful

B)stock prices in emerging markets have been relatively stable due to very harsh fiscal measures introduced by governments

C)inflation rates in the developing world have shown an upward trend because of political manipulation and poor economic performance

D)emerging economies have performed so well that their growth has been much higher than the growth achieved by the developed world

E)governments of developing economies have taken every measure in order to avoid the kind of political crisis that may trigger an economic collapse


44) As one learns from the passage, despite their current economic success, ----.

A)emerging markets are not trusted by companies since there is always the possibility of political manipulation

B)developing economies are still far from overcoming hyperinflation

C)governments in the developing world have maintained their fight against hyperinflation

D)developed economies remain unconcerned about the potential of a severe crisis

E)the countries in the developing world have traditionally suffered from hyperinflation


45) It is emphasized in the passage that although investors are excited by the stock market situation in emerging markets, they ----.

A)are always prepared for a risk of hyperinflation which could send stock prices tumbling

B)know that these markets now represent a quarter of global output

C)must be aware of the fact that these markets can be risky since they are potentially very fragile

D)feel that severe fiscal discipline introduced by governments puts their investments at high risk

E)are very critical of governments' meddling with companies and neighbouring countries


46) According to the passage, as the economic strength of the developing world increases, one of the drawbacks this leads to is that ----.

A)prices of commodities and stocks reach higher levels, opening the way to hyperinflation and political manipulation

B)governments begin to interfere in the affairs of their neighbours and, hence, may cause political risk

C)governments get into fierce competition with each other in order to double their share in global output

D)investors begin to be seriously concerned about the future of stock and commodity prices

E)the annual per-capita growth slows down owing to high surpluses and record commodity prices


The term "imperialism" means the process of extending one nation's control over another; it is a process that takes many forms. Historians distinguish between "formal imperialism" and "informal imperialism." Formal imperialism is colonialism, and it was exercised by the Europeans in the past mainly by direct rule: the colonizing nations annexed territories outright and established their own governments to subjugate and administer the peoples of these territories. Sometimes formal imperialism was exercised through indirect rule: the conquering nations reached agreements with native leaders and governed them. There was no single practice of colonial management, and resistance from the natives forced colonial powers to shift strategies frequently. As for "informal imperialism," it refers to a more subtle and less visible exercise of power, in which the stronger nation allows the weaker one to maintain its independence while reducing its sovereignty. For the Europeans in the past, informal imperialism took the form of carving out zones of European sovereignty and privilege, such as treaty ports, within other countries. Essentially it meant using European economic, political, and cultural power to get advantageous treaties or terms of trade. Informal imperialism was not only common, it played an even more fundamental role in shaping global power relations in the 18th and 19th centuries.


47) It is asserted in the passage that, in the past, informal imperialism ----.

A)enabled the Europeans to conquer the lands of other peoples and face no resistance

B)was preferred by the natives who were involved in free trade with the European nations

C)was far more effective than formal imperialism in the development of power relations in the world

D)was commonly practised by the Europeans because it allowed them to make use of various strategies

E)provided the European nations with an economic power which enabled them to rule the rest of the world


48) According to the passage, although the practice of imperialism may be varied, ----.

A)native peoples in the European colonies were always in favour of formal imperialism

B)it was formal imperialism in the past which most suited the Europeans for their trade overseas

C)the European nations followed a common strategy in the past in order to set up colonies in other parts of the world

D)for historians, it is mainly divided into "formal" and "informal" imperialism

E)in the 18th and 19th centuries the European nations gave up formal imperialism because of native resistance


49) As one understands from the passage, in informal imperialism, ----.

A)the colonizing nations sign treaties with native governments to help them solve economic problems

B)the independence of the weaker nation is respected by the colonizing nation

C)the sovereignty of the colonized nation is totally disregarded by the colonizing power

D)the management of the ports in a country is undertaken by economically stronger nations

E)native governments are granted certain privileges and political powers by stronger nations


50) It is clear that the passage ----.

A)gives an account of the historical reasons why formal imperialism in the past was more widely practised than informal imperialism

B)is a detailed account of how the Europeans colonized other peoples in the 18th and 19th centuries

C)is mainly concerned with the process of resistance that colonial peoples put up against the European nations

D)is a full description of the economic and cultural privileges which, in the past, the Europeans got from native governments

E)theoretically explains imperialism and refers to the European practice of it in the past



It was one of the curators at the Victoria and AlbertMuseum who suggested that it would be useful ifprisoners at Wandsworth prison, an all-male prison,should spend some of their time doing embroideryand, in the end, produce a patchwork quilt. At firstthere was no response. But presently, one afteranother, prisoners asked for pieces of material andembroidery silks to take back to their cells. Suddenly,dozens of embroidered hexagon patchesappeared-so many that the prisoners themselvesformed a selection committee to choose which weregood enough for the final quilt. They wanted not justthe best pieces of sewing, but the ones that mostaccurately reflected their lives. The finished quilt willsoon be on display at the Victoria and AlbertMuseum.


51) According to the passage, the idea of havingprisoners at Wandsworth create a patchwork quilt----.

A)was immediately welcomed by the prisonauthorities and the prisoners alike

B)came from a curator at the Victoria and AlbertMuseum

C)only even appealed to a very small number ofprisoners

D)nearly had to be abandoned for security reasons

E)had been tried out in several other prisons earlier


52) It is clear from the passage that, when work onthe patchwork quilt got going in Wandsworthprison, ----.

A)it had a very positive effect on the lives andattitudes of the prisoners

B)it was very strictly supervised by the prisonauthorities

C)prisoners worked in groups and encouragedeach other to work harder

D)it was extremely popular right from the beginning

E)some prisoners already knew how to make quilts


53) We understand from the passage that the menwho worked on the quilt in Wandsworth prison----.

A)remained convinced that sewing was not aman's work

B)did so because they were obliged to

C)grew to hate the work soon after the firstexcitement was over

D)set themselves very low standards

E)represented their lives on the patches they made


54) We learn from the passage that the selectioncommittee at Wandsworth ----.

A)supervised the design of the patchwork quilt

B)had the curator of the Victoria and AlbertMuseum as its chair person

C)decided that the quilt should go on display at theVictoria and Albert Museum

D)was made up entirely of prisoners

E)wanted the quilt to contain hexagons worked byall the prisoners involved in the scheme


Innovation is not a synonym for invention – an invention has to be taken to the market to be regarded as innovation. Innovation must change the way people do something. In an essay on creativity, Teresa Amabile and others describe innovation as ‘the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization’. Creativity, which includes invention, is only the starting point for innovation, which is a necessary but not sufficient condition for it. As Amabile implies, the business of innovation needs to be managed all the way from the creative inspiration through to a launchable product or service. Innovation is not restricted to products and services. It might be internal to the business, in the form of new and more effective organizational structures or processes. It could be a new way of marketing or distribution, like online grocery deliveries. By today’s thinking, innovation can also be in the form of a significant improvement to an existing commodity. When you build a better product, not necessarily a revolutionary one, the whole world will want to buy it. A lot of small types of innovation like this are more akin to continuous improvement, which makes up 85-90% of the average corporate development portfolio.


55) It is clearly stated in the passage that for Amabile, ----.

A)for a company to be managed successfully, it requires new ways of organizing the workforce and processes

B)innovation has to be carefully monitored from the starting point to the end product for a company to be profitable

C)the scope of innovation is so broad that its application can involve a wide range of goods and processes

D)placing restrictions on the range of the uses of innovation for certain products and services may damage the inventive spirit

E)a creative inspiration that is adequately turned into a marketable product or service is a sign of the company’s future prospects


56) According to the passage, ----.

A)small innovations fail to account for a great portion of a company’s turnover

B)corporate development portfolios owe their improvement to creating only revolutionary products

C)a new marketing or distribution strategy like online shopping can hardly be an example of innovation

D)an innovation can both be an improvement in a product and a completely new product

E)the survival of a business is closely tied to its flexibility to adjust to online marketing


57) It can be understood from the passage that the author ----.

A)informs the reader of the consequences when a corporate suffers from a lack of activity, invention and innovation

B)sets out to clear up the misunderstanding between some terms and to point out the importance of small advances

C)successfully explains why commercial organizations have to come to a correct interpretation of manufacturing terminology

D)warns that if the current state of production processes prevails, the desire to innovate may be lost

E)criticizes the existing management practices, which will eventually disregard lots of small innovations


58) One can conclude from the passage that ----.

A)terms like invention, innovation and creativity need to be clearly defined and described before they can be applied productively

B)so long as companies and inventors interpret the concept of innovation rightly, they would eventually make huge profits

C)innovation not only eases the practical difficulties of life but also comprises a considerable amount of revenues

D)the idea of innovation is so complex that it can hardly be applied to simple procedures like online shopping

E)for many a person, for a new product to be innovative, it does not have to involve a creative input


History is one of the few school subjects commonly mandated in education systems throughout the world. Furthermore, the use of history textbooks to support student learning is an almost universally accepted practice. However, the widespread international presence of the humble history textbook should not disguise its ideological and cultural potency. Indeed, essential to understanding the power and importance of history textbooks is to appreciate that in any given culture they typically exist as the keepers of ideas, values and knowledge. No matter how neutral history textbooks may appear, they are ideologically important, because they often seek to inject the youth with a shared set of values, national ethos and an incontrovertible sense of political orthodoxy. Textbooks stand as cultural artefacts that embody a range of issues associated with ideology, politics and values which in themselves function at a variety of different levels of power, status and influence. Embedded in history textbooks are narratives and stories that nation states choose to tell about themselves and their relations with other nations. Typically, they represent a core of cultural knowledge which future generations are expected both to assimilate and support.


59) According to the passage, history textbooks ----.

A)are now being rewritten with a more international and universal outlook to rectify past misunderstandings between nations

B)are not appropriate for teaching history because they are always ideologically biased

C)should be written in a neutral and unbiased way so that future generations can have a healthy understanding of history

D)not only have educational, but also ideological functions, serving to transmit a nation state’s values

E)consist of baseless stories and narratives rather than historical facts that are more important for a nation state’s survival


60) It is stated in the passage that ----.

A)some countries have been more successful in producing more neutral and less ideological history textbooks than others

B)in many nations, debates over the content and format of history textbooks continue to generate considerable political conflict

C)nations attempt to provide future generations with particular values that will ensure the continuation of existing structures

D)history textbooks have become more politicized after the emergence of nation states to preserve national identity

E)many educational systems throughout the world include history in their curriculum to enhance political literacy


61) According to the passage, regardless of how impartially they are written, history textbooks ----.

A)need to teach both the past and the future

B)serve a purpose other than intended

C)are the best options for cultural transmission

D)affect ideologically the youth more than adults

E)can never be completely objective and neutral


62) It can be inferred from the passage that the author ----.

A)is in favour of using history textbooks to inform people about international relations

B)sets out to emphasize the use of history textbooks to instil national values in the young generation

C)is of the opinion that textbooks on history are easy to write

D)believes in the necessity of locally produced history textbooks to bring about world peace

E)is trying to persuade the reader of the importance of understanding history



63) Marian : - What do you think about multi-millionaire Donald Trump? It says in this article that he may not be as rich as people think.
Susan : - ----
Marian : - But most of his money is sunk into businesses, many of which are failing.
Susan : - He always seems to stay on top, though, doesn he?

A)What do you think the secret of his success is?

B)From his lifestyle, it certainly seems as though he has a lot of money.

C)He has a very charismatic personality, I suppose that explains it.

D)I think he should be doing more charity work with all his income.

E)How did he make his fortune in the first place?


64) Brian : - The aim of this article, apparently, is to show that Shakespeare isn as special as hes made out to be!
Fred : - ----
Brian : - Well; it points out that Shakespeares King Lear and Cervantes Don Quixote were written in the same year, and then asks which is the best?
Fred : - Yes. A tricky question. Thought-provoking, too.

A)I don't want to hear any more!

B)I shan't bother to read it!

C)How does it manage to do that?

D)That's the fashionable approach at the moment!

E)Didn't Marlowe write his plays?


65) Ron : - Why don we take a trip this summer?
Susan : - Oh yes, Id very much like to visit my friend Colleen in Chicago.
Ron : - ----
Susan : - So therell be plenty for you to do while Colleen and I are chatting and catching up on old times.

A)Have you really? Why didn't you say so sooner?

B)And I know that the city has become a great place for cultural activities.

C)Oh, no. Not Colleen!

D)But there's nothing to do or see in Chicago!

E)Let's call and book a flight right away! And what about dates? Shall we say mid-July onwards?


66) James: - Works of Islamic art can be expensive beyond reason.
Tim: - And this is due to what?
James: - ----
Tim: - Oh, that makes sense.

A)Don't you remember that you took a course in Islamic Art Treasures when you were at university?

B)Would-be buyers with more modest incomes can't afford these works.

C)Islamic art is so beautiful, isn't it?

D)Baghdad and Islamic Spain were both major centres of Arab culture in general.

E)Collectors from the oil- and gas-rich states of the Gulf push the prices sky-high.


67) Emre: - What’s so funny that you’ve been laughing now for hours?
Figen: - I was just remembering a friend of mine who owns a shoe shop. He was very upset because he realized that many customers were trying to squeeze their feet into shoes that were too small, and were ruining his shoes.
Emre: - ----
Figen: - Even so, I just can’t help laughing.

A)That must have been quite an experience for him. Now he won’t let anyone try on different sizes.

B)Doesn’t the salesman have any rights? He should be able to fill out some kind of complaint form.

C)Being a frequent shoe-buyer myself, I don’t know where your friend’s store is.

D)Perhaps he should start selling other things. This way, he won’t have to deal with those customers anymore.

E)I don’t find it amusing whatsoever. The customers should have been more careful with what they were doing.



68) Roof insulation will pay for itself within two years in lower heating costs, or so they claim.

A)They claimed that roof insulation would reduce heating costs, so that in two years you could recover the amount invested.

B)It pays to insulate your roof since you certainly get back in around two years, whatever you invest in lowered fuel costs.

C)Roof insulation reduces heating costs so much that in just two years they guarantee that you get back the money you invest in it.

D)They guarantee that money invested in roof insulation is recoverable in two years through reduced fuel costs.

E)They claim that in under two years you get back what you invest in roof insulation through reduced fuel costs.


69) Social behavior depends very much on the information we collect about other people.

A)Our social behavior reflects to some extent what we feel about the people around us.

B)The conduct of the people around us dictates our own social behavior.

C)Our knowledge of others has a considerable effect upon our social behavior.

D)Our attitude towards the people we come into contact with is naturally reflected in our social behavior.

E)As we collect information about other people the way we behave towards them may alter radically.


70) Information systems technology is one of several tools available to managers for coping with change.

A)The best means by which managers can cope with change is Information systems technology.

B)Information systems technology is the one medium which managers turn to when change becomes inevitable.

C)With the introduction of information systems technology managers now have a tool to ensure they can cope with change.

D)Information systems technology is one of a number of mediums which managers can turn to when faced with change.

E)With the assistance of, for instance, information systems technology, managers find they can keep control over change.


71) She is so anxious not to hurt anyone's feelings that she never calls them to account for their actions.

A)Being so afraid of upsetting people prevents her from ever questioning what they are doing.

B)If she were less sensitive about other people's feelings, she would be more critical of what they are doing.

C)She is too anxious to please people and this means she can't control them.

D)No one ever listens to her because they know they can do what they like and she won't complain.

E)That's how she treats people and nobody gets upset about it any more.



72) In Britain, surnames were uncommon before the 13th century. They were originally descriptive in character, and used to distinguish persons of the same name, especially for real-estate matters. ----. These often indicated appearance (Black, Short), the occupation of the person (Baker, Tailor) or the father's name (McDonald, Robertson).

A)People may use names other than given or inherited names for professional purposes

B)Surnames crept northwards from Germany through Denmark and into Norway in the 15th and 16th centuries

C)Thus, the earliest surnames appeared among the urban, rich classes with property

D)In some US families, there is a tradition of using a surname as a first name or a middle name

E)In Britain, the use of two surnames is usually regarded as snobbish


73) Psychologists argue over whether language influences how people think, but it could affect half of what they see. The view from the right eye is processed in the brain's left hemisphere, which also seems to handle language. Researchers have found that native English speakers, who have separate words for blue and green, are faster at distinguishing between these colours when they appear within their right visual field, in contrast to people whose language uses the same word to indicate either colour. ----.

A)Scientists planned to continue the research on these same lines using different colours

B)Most of the world's languages use a single word to mean both blue and green

C)Investigators tested how well the right and left fields of view distinguish between the colours known in English as blue and green

D)This leads scientists to question the reason why, in some languages, there is no differentiation between the two colours

E)This suggests that for English speakers, language influences the visual discrimination between the colours blue and green


74) 1968 was an extraordinary year, quite similar to1848, with its wave of revolution. ---- Indeed,international youth culture fostered a sense ofcollective identity. The new media relayed imagesof civil rights protest in the United States toEurope and broadcast news and pictures aboutthe Vietnam War. The wave of unrest shook theWest. Moreover, traditional political parties hadlittle idea what to make of these new movementsand those who participated in them.

A)The Iron Curtain had established one of the mostrigid borders in European history.

B)The civil rights movement had enormoussignificance for the twentieth century.

C)On the other hand, legal changes would nothave occurred without the women's movementsin the West.

D)The revolutionary spirit at the time was intenselyinternational.

E)The conservative traditions of the West madeintellectual reform difficult in the post-war period.


75) Most measurements of happiness are by standardized questionnaires or interview schedules. It could also be done by informed observers – those who know the individual well and see them regularly. ---- Yet, another form of measurement is to investigate a person’s memory and check whether they feel predominantly happy or unhappy about their past. Finally, there are some crude but ever-developing physical measures looking at everything from brain scanning to saliva levels.

A)It should be kept in mind that such tests might be misleading in many cases.

B)Findings suggest that ancestors of Finnish people made use of such methods.

C)There is also experience sampling, where people report how happy they are many times a day.

D)Being objective in this process is more important than being an observer.

E)A question still remains unanswered: to what extent can one express happiness on a sheet of questions?



Soruda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.


76) (I) Consumer research shows that some advertisements have a harmful effect on children. (II) Advertising is not an end in itself, though many advertisements may be, in their own way, works of art. (III) The important thing is for the potential customer to remember the theme of the advertisement, not merely the advertisement itself. (IV) It is far better for a consumer to think, "That must be a great product!" than "That was a great commercial." (V) Hence, a creative advertising message might prove useless, while other duller advertisements seem to endure forever , for the very sensible reason that they move goods off the shelves.







Soruda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.


77) (I) It used to be argued that, once there were just two major companies involved in civil-aircraft manufacturing, aircraft prices would rise. (II) There are few engineering tricks left that could give one or other a technological edge. (III) That theory has been thoroughly discredited. (IV) The best indicator of new-aircraft prices , the average price per seat on flights , has been declining for several years. (V) This is due, of course, to the brutal competition between the two rivals.







Soruda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.


78) (I) The Romantic Age is a term used to describe life and literature in England in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. (II) Many of the most important English writers of the period turned away from the values and ideas characteristic of the Age of Reason toward what they perceived as a more daring, individual and imaginative approach to both literature and life. (III) In general, they placed the individual rather than society, at the centre of their vision. (IV) The Industrial Revolution helped make England prosperous and powerful, but it involved exploitation of the workers. (V) They tended to be optimists who believed in the possibility of progress and improvement for humanity as well as for individuals.







Soruda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.


79) (I) In the early 1930s, the Nazis came to power inGermany. (II) In August 1939, Einstein wrotePresident Roosevelt a letter which he knew couldaffect the war and the future of humanity. (III) Thesubject was the possibility of Germany's developmentof nuclear weapons. (IV) In the letter he wrote: "Thissituation calls for watchfulness and quick action onthe part of the Administration." (V) Upon Einstein'sletter, Roosevelt called for a meeting of his militaryadvisers.







Soruda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.


80) (I) Using herbs from your garden or the farmer’s market to enhance the flavour of your summer cuisine is really rewarding. (II) Not only will herbs add subtle accents to your main dishes and salads, but they will also bring fragrance and interest to favourite dessert and beverage recipes. (III) If you are not using fresh herbs, remember that dried herbs are very potent, so reduce the amount you use by half or more. (IV) Include your home-grown produce in a salad course, and specimens from your gorgeous summer flower beds in a welcoming table centrepiece. (V) Also, if you are cooking outdoors, be sure to allow enough time to heat the grill for your vegetables, steaks and chicken.






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